Team conversations are important in agile

Team conversations are important in agile

Today nearly every team has become agile. Many teams are struggling with the same issue, the communication. In the Agile Manifesto you can read the following. Individuals and interactions over processes and tools. So team conversations are important an agile team.

In an agile team there is a lot more communication than in other teams. That is good! If the team is a scrum team, there is also communication with stakeholders. At the end of each sprint, there is a review meeting. In this meeting the stakeholders come to see what the team has been producing that sprint. They can then tell the team members if the feature or product is what they have in mind. They also can say there what is still missing or what is completely wrong.

Regardless of all these communication, there could rise some other communication problems. In a team, there are several different roles. You have developers, testers, analysts. Each of them speak their own language. This means that there can be communication problems. Even people with the same role have different backgrounds. So it can be that a person understands other things if he talks to the other team members.

That is way a common language is important. This common language needs documented. It also should agreed by everyone as soon as possible. Creating a common language is also important for new team members. New team members benefit also from the common language. Document the common language. Then every team member can read it over and over again. It is also a good idea to explain the major design decisions to new team members. Explain why some decisions are like this. New team members understands then better the complexity of the design.

During this explanation, you should listen to the new team members. They can also have some great ideas. They have other backgrounds. This means a new view on things. While talking about their insights, interesting ideas can arise. This is good for better communication between team members. That is why team conversations are important in agile.

Is that not the ultimate goal? That everybody interacts with each other for a better product?