Why do you blog ?

Why do you blog ?

With this blog post I explain the following question: “Why do you blog”. Since some weeks I suffer with the so called writer’s block. I did not have any clue what I could write. The idea from this post is the idea of Ayushi Rawat. She answered the same question in her blog post.

PURPOSE: This article should serve as
a reference whenever I face writer’s block.

Ayushi Rawat

She mentions that that blog post is a reference when she has a writer’s block. At this moment I have the same problem. “Why not try to answer this question?” I asked to myself. The result of the question is this blog post.

Archive for technical problems

One reason I started this blog is because I had some technical problems in my professional life. Some systems are not easy to automate. Google and Stack Overflow are my best friends in these situations. Finding a solution is sometimes not easy. I had to experiment myself. In the end I find a solution to the problem. This is a great moment.

Then after a time I am working on another project. It can happen that in the other project the same problems arise. The search begins again. I forgot to write the solution down. Or it is another customer where I do not have access to the solution.

To solve this kind of problems I decided to start a blog. I could write the solutions of my problems there in several posts.

Sharing knowledge

The purpose of the blog was to share my knowledge with the world too. I read a lot of blogs. I get a lot of tips from the blogs of testers and the blogs of developers. For me it was time to give something back to the world.

Other people benefits from the solution I found of my real problems. By writing I look at solutions from another angle. I simplify the examples I give. By doing this I can link some other problems with this problem. Then I learn again.


The initial purpose of the blog is to communicate with other bloggers too. I do not always share the same thoughts as some other bloggers. My initial intention was to write down my own thoughts and have an online conversation.

I did not do this yet. This is an action point for me in 2021. I do want to write at least 3 replies this year to other blog posts.

Become better in writing content

The fourth reason to start this blog post is to become a better writer. I hope that by writing a lot of blog posts my writing skills will improve. Specially in English. English is not my native language. In the professional life however, English is a common language. E-mail, bug reports, requirements are most of the time written in English.

By writing some blog posts I wanted to improve my writing style. I hope it will improve in the future.

Final thoughts

Most of the articles I write is to share my knowledge. I hope that the content I write is useful for you too. I thank you for reading my blog.